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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Back to the Blog with Little Things

It's been a while and I have missed you all but I just haven't felt like writing these past few months. Not really felt like doing anything to be completely frank and it's been an uphill struggle just to get the boring day-to-day things done, let alone anything more thrilling.

Normally when I get like this, I stop doing everything that makes me smile (which is why the Bathing Belle KAL died, but hopefully I will resurrect it later in the year) and wait for the depression to get bored and wander off but this time I am going to try something a little different. I'm going to do a small thing every day that make me happy. I have no guarantee of success but if we don't try, then we will never know.

One thing that does make me happy is sharing things so my little thing today is to share this wonderful cardigan pattern with you. It's a little bit outside my usual date range as it dates from 1964 but it's such a beauty, is knitted in double knit, and comes in 3 larger sizes to boot.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling depressed. We're all different and when I feel sad or depressed I re-read all the E.F. Benson books about Mapp and Lucia. Somehow it always picks me up. I do hope you'll feel better soon. Hugs from Norway